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I was sent a gift while I was away for two weeks travelling in Europe. I arrived back to find two cards from the delivery company. One was the original delivery note, the other a redelivery and instructions that it was now at the depot and that I should call them for redelivery.

I called them and got onto their automated system — voice activated and really easy to use. I was impressed! So I called and spoke to a very pleasant customer service representative who apologised and said it would be delivered on Friday.

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So I phoned again and spoke to another very pleasant service rep who said it would be delivered tomorrow. A pattern is definitely forming here. And this was the trigger point where my patience ran out. There it was.

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The statement customers dread. The apology was there, but it didn't feel or sound genuine. Denial by the service provider that they could do anything. When I asked to speak to a supervisor to have the problem sorted out, she told me they didn't have a manager there.

There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

So, what happened here and how did it start to spiral downward so quickly? Situations like this are naturally bound up with emotion for both parties. When problems occur for customers, in particular repeated problems, a level of frustration starts to build, irritation increases and repeated excuses from the service provider only makes it worse. Trust is lost and therefore business reputation can be impacted.

Nothin' You Can Do About It

And the best way to combat these states is with an appropriate response from the aligned ego state — nurturing parent empathetic. Mirror emotion with emotion not anger with anger but reflect back in an empathetic tone.

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They ignore the most important aspect in the situation — the customer. From the staff members perspective, they believe that they are doing the right thing. They believe that they are fixing the problem. When faced with situations like this, customers usually want two things: Some empathy with the situation demonstrated through voice, sense of urgency or mirrored annoyance for the fact that this problem has occurred not at the customer!

A focus on the positive.

We Love You – Ain’t Nothing You Can Do About It –

Tenor Saxophone. Malcolm Duncan , Michael Brecker. Glenn Ferris.

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