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Turns out we should have gone right as the entrance was just a few metres down. This meant we ended walking around the entire cemetery haha so we got an idea as to how large this thing was. It looked as though a local market was just starting to set up so it was nice to know we could check it out once we had finished in the cemetery. This cemetery was the craziest thing we have ever seen.

The vibe there was so quiet, still and a little hair-raising scary. You could peer into these massive tomb-stone-come-tiny-houses and view multiple coffins of these famous rich and wealthy people laying dead in. Some of these houses had entire families all in coffins which you could see were stacked upon each other like bunk beds down underneath the main area.

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Whether that was the President and his family was below, or the grandmother and the rest of her family was underneath, we started to gain an idea of just how big this cemetery was as we assumed most of them had an underground area as well. To make the feeling even more strange, there were a heap of insanely loud fighter jets that kept flying over our head rather low which would give us mega chills.

We had spent probably a good hour walking around the cemetery, peering into each house to have a nose around. The market was all set up and it was so cool! Having still not eaten since the night before and it would have been around 2.

Let's Only Walk The Flower Road - 꽃 길만 걷자 - Ep.1 [ENG/CHN/IND]

So ended up leaving the market and started to make our way towards Palermo. We ended up stopping at a Juice Bar and ordered a greens detox, and a passion-fruit and mango juice, had half each, logged into the free WI-FI, got our bearings and continued on our walk.

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Our feet and legs were getting tired and heavy and we just wanted to head back. It was this decision which forced us into taking the Subte underground train station since there was no way we would be walking back 9.

We got ourselves a Sube card, loaded it with pesos and off we went. We worked out we needed to take two separate trains to get back to our area. Once we figured out which way the trains went and got onto the side that headed in our direction we were on our way. Feeling accomplished, we got back to our place around 5. That night we went out for a quick walk to see if anything would be happening for Independence Day. Rager right! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. To support translation is to encourage writing in local languages and the proliferation of diverse narratives.

The New York delegation was intergenerational with more seasoned members mentoring those who have not yet had an exposure to a global space. In the Caribbean, the Foundation is supporting a governance dialogue on the intersectionality of gender and climate change, taking into account the impact of differentiated vulnerabilities. These are just a few examples of what inclusive governance entails. Let us not just talk about inclusion. Let us accompany each other to demand for it and more importantly, to walk the talk.

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Developing states can flout drug patents to deliver affordable medicines to their citizens, but few governments are aware of these life-saving rules. Lessons learnt from the second Caribbean climate change and gender conversation are pulled into focus when a delegate visits Jamaica's coastline. Pictured: dialogue on African feminism co-convened between the Foundation and the West Africa Civil Society Institute in July The New York delegation was intergenerational with more seasoned members mentoring those who have not yet had an exposure to a global space.

Hazel Brown left , feminist activist and pioneer delegate to the Commission on the Status of Women in Beijing, pictured with younger activist Shamima Muslim right , whose attendance was supported by the Foundation.


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