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  1. FIFA 19 – How to Master Your Midfield
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Upon their demotion, he quickly left to high-profiled Liverpool. He has played well, and he is a regular in the crowded Liverpool midfield. However, Adam does not dazzle as much when he's surrounded by other extremely talented players.

FIFA 19 – How to Master Your Midfield

That is to be expected. However, it's always fun to watch a player dominate nearly on his own.

Do we need to play with a holding midfielder? If so, who?

His vision and passing ability are elite, and his grit is essential to his game. Between his two stops in , Adam has become one of the elite midfielders in the English Premier League. He had 15 goals and 19 assists in all competitions for Bayern Munich, and he tormented anyone who tried to play him on the wing. He stayed relatively healthy, which allowed him to play as much as he's ever played for Bayern.

As he starts to get a little older, he will lose a step or two. That being said, his control and passing will stay with him for a long time. Despite his small stature, De Jong is one of the strongest players in the world, both on the ball and with his tackles.

He wins the ball regularly, and he is a rock in the middle of the field. Still, when De Jong enters the game, attackers are aware of it. He may not play as often this season, but De Jong has proven this past year that he is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. When Tottenham Hotspur comes on the counterattack, van der Vaart is in the middle pushing things to one wing or the other. His touch is pristine, and his final ball is usually always on target. Spurs have a spectacular midfield, and van der Vaart is a major reason why.

He plays well in the open field, can play anywhere and has some of the best set pieces around. He had 11 goals and seven assists for Spurs in in the Premier League, including a brace in the draw against Arsenal. When he's healthy, van der Vaart does damage. In , he was able to stay healthy, and his performances demonstrated that.

Alonso reads the game well, and he almost always has a calm, concentrated look on his face. The Spaniard defends well, and he makes attacking up Real Madrid's midfield nearly impossible. While he doesn't do much to attack, Alonso does enough defensively to liberate his Madrid players to push forward. When he is sitting in the midfield, most players would do better to avoid him. As Madrid attempts to surpass Barcelona in Spain, Alonso will play a major role. His strong tackling and pass-intercepting ability puts him amongst the best in the world.

He may not score many goals, but his assist tally rivals the best.

Trending Football Stories

He has great vision, and his passing ability leads to countless Real Madrid goals. Even with his great passing ability, Ozil has been known to be slightly inconsistent. He was virtually invisible against Barcelona in the latest El Clasico, and great players don't let that happen. Nevertheless, his pace and passing ability allow him to dominate slower teams.

If he plays well against the Catalans, Ozil could solidify himself as one of the best midfielders in the world. While you can't deny his defensive prowess and versatility, he played a lot of centre-back. Since he is normally a defensive midfielder, I decided to put him on this list.

Back to his versatility. When Carles Puyol went down last January, Marcherano was able to step into the defense without missing much of a beat. He wasn't a regular in the defensive line, but his ability to step in made Barcelona that much scarier. Mascherano is a great player. Although he doesn't push forward offensively too often, he is still able to disrupt opposing attacks often enough to keep Barcelona as the best team in the world. He is a great defensive player, but his versatility puts him higher than most other defensive midfielders. Since then, he has been the maestro for the third-place Spurs, as they hope to return to the Champions League.

Modric can do just about it all when attacking. His passing is accurate, his pace is quick and his shooting is incredible. He creates goals for Spurs, and his contributions on the offensive end make Spurs one of the most dangerous counterattacking teams in the world. Modric's transfer talk will most likely pick back up in January, but I think he's in a good spot in North London. Accordingly, I think he will continue to create great goals for Spurs for the foreseeable future.

His motor is always running, and his skill with the ball is incredible. He can push up both wings, or he can play the ball from the middle of the field, depending on what's necessary. His shooting ability is elite, and he intimidates most defenses with his explosive play. Whether he's on the ball or making an intelligent run, Schweinsteiger is one of the best players in the German Bundesliga.

Even though Bayern Munich didn't have the best season last year, they are back on the top of the table and hope to reclaim the Bundesliga title.

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He has been a regular for Manchester United for a few years now, and he has been a nightmare for defenders. At times, he is guilty of trying to do too much, but that can sometimes lead to a spectacular goal. In , Nani had 10 goals and 13 assists in the Premier League, helping United win the league last spring. Despite his inconsistencies and inability to defend, Nani is one of the most dangerous attackers in the world. His control is great, his play in the attacking third is dangerous and his pace is blistering.

Whatever a winger could be asked to do, Bale accomplishes.

Playing as Defensive Midfielder is Not Always Funny But Crucial For Your Team

He leads Tottenham Hotspur down the wing, and he can abuse even the best defenders. With his skill and pace, Spurs can tire out a team, simply by attacking down his wing. Bale did a pretty good job staying healthy in , which allowed him to dominate his side of the pitch more often. If he can help lead Spurs back to the Champions League, Bale would solidify himself as one of the most dangerous attacking players in the world.

He has great pace, and he plays powerfully for such a small man. There was plenty of transfer talk in the summer, and that will continue with such a talent.

The role of a defensive midfielder off the ball (in possession)

However, I think Sneijder is a good fit for Inter, and his skills will be on display at Euros this summer. Sneijder had a pedestrian year by his standards, but I still think he was one of the 10 best midfielders this past year. Mata has been the Blues' best player, and he dominates large stretches of games.

His technical skill is as elite as anyone's, and his passing is fun to watch. He creates goals on a regular basis, and he has been the most consistent player for Chelsea this season. In the past, it was easy to overlook Mata considering all the other great midfielders in and from Spain.

This year, however, it is clear how great Mata truly is. While he isn't on the same level as some of the other Spanish midfielders, he is still a tremendous talent, currently taking the English Premier League by storm. He likes to stay on the outside, and he puts pressure on the defense from the outside and when he cuts inside. He crosses the ball better than anyone in the world, and he caught the eye of Sir Alex Ferguson this past summer. After he carried Aston Villa last year, Manchester United picked him up in the summer to add some depth to their wings.

Young has not disappointed. He has played well all season, and he has taken some games over, including an incredible performance in the Arsenal demolition. Young is the best winger in the world, and he will continue to improve under Ferguson. He's fun to watch, and he is one of the few wing players that can truly take over a match. His play was inspiring, and he kept the Hammers competitive. After relegation, he started playing regularly for England for the first time in his career. Fabio Capello has been impressed with how he's played as of late, and his abilities on the ball allow him to keep possession.

He plays a little further back for Tottenham Hotspur, for he has plenty of talent around him. While he hasn't stood out for Spurs, Parker certainly has been a strong addition to their title-aspiring side.

Patrick Vieira: How to be a midfield destroyer | FourFourTwo

Although the club ended the season devoid of any major silverware, Maurizio Sarri's Sarriball and its pivot - Jorginho - caught the eye of several European top sides. Consequently, Sarri was announced as Chelsea's new manager following the departure of Antonio Conte, which acted as a catalyst for Jorginho's move to the Blues , who snatched him from the jaws of Manchester City. Indeed, the year-old pass master will be the fulcrum of Chelsea's midfield this season under the Italian manager, who will most likely exploit his skill set to build-up play from the back via short passes, a key feature of Sarri's possession-based system.

Last season, the Brazil-born star completed more passes in Europe's top five leagues than anyone else. Edit Favorites. Contact Us. GDPR Compliance. Top 5 defensive midfielders in the world. Give feedback.

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